dil1Due Diligence

When you’re considering a business transaction, whether hiring a senior executive or contemplating a merger, you need to protect your interests. Due diligence goes beyond confirming claims made by individuals and organizations. This service establishes reputation and ethics, while identifying potential problems.

Public and intelligence information is accessed, analyzed, and presented by knowledgeable and experienced professionals. With Sutton’s due diligence services, you can be confident that you received all of the facts you need to make the best business decision.

dil2Sutton’s investigative findings demonstrate to interested third parties that you have taken every reasonable step to protect your corporation, your investors and the public and that you made a decision which is reasonable and legally defensible.

And our quick turnaround keeps the deal moving forward – or stops it before you’ve invested too many resources.

Some examples of our due diligence services include:

  • Vendor Qualification
  • Franchise Due Diligence
  • Vetting of Political Candidates