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A pre-employment background check is a detailed review of a candidate’s information, allowing for a business or landlord to make an informed decision. Our background checks require the applicant to provide written consent, according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

A pre-employment background check can include, but is not limited to, a person’s work history, education, credit history, motor vehicle reports, criminal records, medical history, social media screening, and drug screening. If the position is specialized, employees may undergo further screenings to verify the validity of their resume.

Sutton Associates takes great pride in our customer service and turnaround times. We average a turnaround of 24-48 hours. Depending on the scope of the background check some records may take longer to acquire.

All clients who are ordering reports have access to our online portal 24/7. The status of reports and the final report are updated instantaneously in our system, always giving our clients the most up to date information. Email preferences can also be modified to notify clients of completed reports.

The cost of our reports are dependent on the needs of our clients. All reports can be customized to meet your exact specifications along with guidance from our staff. Pre-packaged background checks are also available at a set price. To find out more about our pricing and search criteria contact us today.

Occasionally there is an additional fee imposed from third parties in order to acquire records. This search fee is charged back to the client.

Creating the appropriate background screening will depend on the position of the candidate being hired. Entry level employees may require only a basic screening while C-level employees will require a more in-depth search. Professional licenses should also be considered when applicable. Our sales professionals can assist in designing a background check that best fits your needs.

The scope of the search is determined by the state jurisdictions. Most background checks have a 7 year search scope while other searches do not have a limit on their search scope at all. 

Begin by contacting Sutton Associates and setting up an account with one of our Customer Service Reps. They will help you to determine which employment screening packages are right for your needs. Once you have an account created you will be able to log in to our portal and order reports whenever needed. Our ordering process is quick and easy allowing you to order single reports or large batches at one time.

Sutton Associates has absolutely zero registration or subscription fees. You only pay for what your order. There are no minimum payments or monthly fees. Simply sign up and order your background checks as needed.

You can check the status of your report by giving us a call and talking to a customer representative. All representatives are available between regular business hours.

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