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Tenant Credit History Report

Get to know your tenant

A complete Credit History report will provide an in depth look at a candidate’s credit associated with their SSN.

Minimize Risk

You want the peace of mind that a tenant will be able to pay their rent on time and is trustworthy. A credit history report allows you to feel secure in your decision. 

Credit History Includes:

 Confirming SSN, And Date of Birth
 Discovering Aliases, Nicknames, Maiden Names, and Other Names Used
 Address History Verification (County and States)

 Employment Comparison
 List Of Developed Creditors
 Summary Of Credit Payments  l Regulations

Note: Credit Scores are not provided.

Sutton Associates understands that bad credit can be the result of an unfortunate situation, not under the control of the applicant. When reviewing a credit report, it is important to take into consideration these factors and review credit history on a case by case basis. 

Get a clear picture of your tenant’s financial responsibility.

Why Choose Sutton Associates?

Consumer Protection

Sutton Associates operates in a controlled, regulated, and transparent process pursuant to the FCRA.  Background checks are only conducted with the applicant’s written consent. Our regulations protect your business.


Sutton Associates matches criminal records to applicants using a combination of identifiers including social security number, date of birth, alias names, driver’s license numbers, and past addresses.


Our professional background screeners yield fast response times, usually returning a background check within 12-72 hours.

Cost Effective

By hiring the right employee, businesses can reduce turnover, increase productivity, and reduce costs through training.

We are here to help!