Sutton Associates

Tenant Screening Services

Tenant Employment Verification

Find the right tenant by verifying employment history

Landlords want to know that they can trust their tenant to make their payments on time. Employment verifications will help to identify any potential discrepancies and confirm that the tenant is truthful about their employment status. 

Employment Verifications:

 Ensure Employment Accuracy
 Verify Dates of Employment
 Verify Past Titles

 Evaluate Performance

Hire a candidate that meets your needs.

Why Choose Sutton Associates?

Consumer Protection

Sutton Associates operates in a controlled, regulated, and transparent process pursuant to the FCRA.  Background checks are only conducted with the applicant’s written consent. Our regulations protect your business.


Sutton Associates matches criminal records to applicants using a combination of identifiers including social security number, date of birth, alias names, driver’s license numbers, and past addresses.


Our professional background screeners yield fast response times, usually returning a background check within 12-72 hours.

Cost Effective

By hiring the right employee, businesses can reduce turnover, increase productivity, and reduce costs through training.

We are here to help!